Location: Montreal, but no limit with Internet
Creative since: I was born
Left of Right: Ambidextrous
Favorite Planet:Jupiter…of course!
Favorite Food: Gouteuse, saine et nourissante

Clients Include

Project: 3D puzzle

2.Dreamwork/Meredith (US)
Project: Kung-fu Panda
-Developed a puzzle book from scratch. Created a unique die cut and assemble children’s book
which could be used as a puzzle or toy. Worked with Dreamworks storyboard art to create 3D
scenes and characters, which were included in the book.

3. David West Edition (UK)
Project: Series of Aviation Books.
– Utilizing 2D and 3D techniques to create aircraft scenes based on historical events…as well as illustrate
new models of test aircraft

4. Educalivre(QC)
Project: Educational book

5. InContext (USA)
Project: Book and Magazine

Others: BC Bones, Rolic, Gaz Metropolitain, L’Oreal, Lajeunesse Communication, Edition du grand Duc. Avester(hydro-Quebec), Coba, Avantis pharma, Bip Floral(Botannix), Hippocampe