Polygone Studio
Portfolio 2: Animation

Polygone Studio is a work co-operative. The company belongs to the workers, and we decide on changes through a democratic management and decision-making system. This translates into efficient business and growing profits. Polygone is a content creation agency. We specialize in illustration, animation and multimedia presentation. We do 2D and 3D still and animated images, using traditional and digital techniques. Presentations can be accompanied by narration, sound and even original music. Our products are printed, put online, and published in every media type. We are comfortable in a wide variety of fields:

– Multimedia: storyboards, video, projection, interactive terminals, scenery design, matte film, visual effects, audio guides, sound and music design, and Web design.
– Illustration and architecture, research and development, design, execution, 2D and 3D imagery, signage, writing, graphics, formal documents, projects communications, impact studies, design, contests, and more.